• Central Pavilion
  • New Pavilion
  • Large Cottages
  • Blue Pavilion
  • Rustic Pavilion
  • The Lake Houses
  • Small Cottages

Central Pavilion

Ground floor: reception, kitchen, dining room and a terrace with 150 places.

1st floor: 6 modern rooms with two beds each.

Attic: a large room with two bathrooms. It can be used as a bedroom with bunks or as a seminar/meeting room. Two related social groups.

Rustic Pavilion

5 rooms with different configurations of beds (2 to 8 beds).

Each room has a private bathroom, TV.

Cottages With 4 Beds

    Small Cottages:

  • 8 cottages with four beds each (single bed), access to the social group in the yard.

It offers a total of 32 beds.

The Lake Houses

10 cottages with 2 beds each.

Placed on the lake, they really make you feel in the heart of nature. You can hear the silence of the lake or the frogs singing during a summer night and in the morning you can see the sunrise reflecting on the water surface.

Cottages With 8 Beds

    Large Cottages

  • 5 cottages with 8 large beds each – each cottage has an area of about 32 square meters, which provides: 4 bunk beds, large table with benches, TV, mini-kitchen (stove, fridge, sink, cupboards), dressing room, bathroom, terrace. All of them are equipped with air conditioning.

They offer a total of 40 beds.

New Pavilion

Recently built, offers 12 rooms each with 3 bunk beds, private bathroom, plasma TV, coffee table and chairs. The building has a spacious living room at the entrance, a mini-kitchen and a terrace.

It is equipped with central heating and hot water supply. The rooms offer a great view, due to the large windows looking towards the lake or courtyard.

It offers a total of 72 beds for accomodation.

Blue Pavilion

7 rooms, spacious living room at the entrance, mini kitchen, dryer and 4 bathrooms.


  • 2 bedrooms with separate bathrooms;
  • Another room with bathroom and dressing;
  • 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms vis-a-vis on the hall.

The cottage is equipped with central heating, rooms have wooden and laminated furniture and it was renewed in 2013. It offers a total of 40 beds.